Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tool #9 - Incorporating Classroom Devices

1) It is important to tie technology to the class objective because it is a relative and productive tool that can be used to reach the students and ensure their success in covering the objective.Students should be held accountable in order to give weight or value to the lessons. I can see the students using Thinkfinity and and the Khan Academy database of interactive videos.  The students could be given an assignment or art-related topic.  They could use the sites to access information and then post their results on the blog or in a Google Document.  The apps Artisan Hall and Artisan paint would be excellent apps for the students to create works and research various artisits.  They could add blog posts about their findings for accountability.  I could see a student taking part in a demonstration and becoming the teacher for part of a lesson.  They could create a work of art using an ipad app and then show the class in order to teach different principles and elements.

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