Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tool # 7 Art & Poetry Collaboration

a) The students in Art & English will be able to collaborate in a cross-corriculum manner by both creating work in their respective subject by viewing and reading/listening to each other.
b) I plan to implement this at the end of the Spring Semester or during the upcoming Fall Semester.
c) & d) We will use Google Docs, You Tube, my blog, and Skype.  The students in English Literature can post their poems in a Google Doc, make a video of a poetry reading, or read ther poems on a live chat format via Skype.  The Art students can attach their work in the Blog, make a video of the creative process and post on YouTube or video an art presentation via Skype.
e) I have discussed this with an English teacher at Memorial High School and look forward to working on this collaboration and to holding an exhibition of the student artwork and poetry,

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