Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tool #5 - Videos/Animation

After working on an Xtranormal video and Stupeflix video, I began to realize the power of video as a way to gain the student's attention in order to bring them into a lesson.  Our most recent project in Art I deals with facial proportions.  Besides an actual demonstration in class, I showed the students a YouTube time-lapse video of drawing facial proportions/feataures.  I saw first-hand how this grabbed their attention.  In addition, the video production is a nice team-building assignment for students, as they can see the various steps that go into making a successful presentation.

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  1. Video is a great way to learn, especially since so many of us are visual learners. With devices like iPhones/iPads and sites like YouTube, it is really easy to create and upload videos! Xtranormal is a fabulous site. I think it would engage the most reluctant writer. We are looking into piloting it next year!